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“What will happen to me when my parents are no longer around?”


This is a common question adults with mild developmental disabilities might ask as they begin to approach middle age and have been living with their parents who are entering their golden years. “I just want to make sure my son/daughter is OK after I’m gone.” The parents of an adult with mild developmental disabilities have few choices today. Springboard Landings’ mission is to offer a choice and a solution to these very real questions.

Springboard Landings is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our focus is on adults with mild developmental disabilities, above the intellectually disabled range, around 30 years of age or older whose parents are entering their golden years. These adults are contributing to society in their workplaces and by volunteering; however, when their parents are no longer around, their lives will change dramatically. Some of them will be “shipped off” to live with a sibling in another state who most likely will already have his/her own family. Some may move in with an aunt down the street who has an extra bed available but has a full-time career. Some may choose to try to make it on their own, but they risk the possibility of getting into trouble because of their vulnerability, and many of them will become lonely and isolated.

At Springboard Landings residents will be given the opportunities & support of: having a home of their own, community participation, a helping hand from our house manager and peer supports & friendships.

Peer Support and Friendships

Ideally, friendships and other social supports would occur naturally within the larger community.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Living within the same complex as others who may be more accepting of their differences offers opportunities for friendships, learning and encouragement from peers, and people with whom to enjoy community activities and events.  

A Helping Hand

At Springboard Landings guidance or a helping hand is readily available when residents encounter situations they are unable to deal with on their own.  In keeping with our mission of independent living, however, assistance that is offered is done so in a manner that teaches the individual rather than merely doing things for them.  Thus, Springboard Landings encourages lifelong learning and skill development.

A Home of Their Own
Springboard Landings will offer independent apartment living for adults with mild developmental disabilities, contained within a single structure.  There will be a common area for individuals to socialize with other residents and to entertain guests.  Each resident will be responsible for maintaining his or her own individual apartment and for accomplishing basic tasks of independent living such as self-care, cooking, grocery buying, and doing their own laundry.

Community Participation

Springboard Landings will be designed to encourage residents to participate in the larger community.  Being located with nearby shopping, public transportation, and other public and private establishments (e.g., library, churches, cinema, restaurants, parks) makes this possible.  Residents are responsible for making their own choices and scheduling of community activities.  Residents are also responsible for securing employment and getting to and from the workplace.

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