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Building a Home with Heart

Springboard Landings is answering the question, "What happens when my parents are no longer available?". Adults with mild developmental disabilities are an extremely capable portion of the disabled population, yet often overlooked and underserved. We are building an intentional community to overcome isolation and encourage independence. 

Under Contract in Bellevue!

Wow! Because of your support, prayers, and encouragement, we have land! The property is in the Bellevue neighborhood of Nashville, which has always been our dream location. Our work is far from done, but the fun and excitement is just getting started. Rezoning, development, and construction are our next steps. This upcoming year will be full of big moves and exciting decisions. You will hear more about next steps and how you can help in the months to come.


To provide adults who need a limited amount of support an option for independent living in a residential community-centered environment.


To create unique apartments for adults with mild developmental disabilities that provide a mix of independent and communal living. The apartments will open into a common area to encourage social interaction and community, thus preventing isolation. A small number of units will be filled by support volunteers who will offer guidance and help build a community environment.


This arrangement will empower our residents to live independently, enhance the quality of life for our residents, and allow the development of a permanent extended family.

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You Can Help Build a Home with Heart

Give today or find other ways you can help raise funds to empower adults with mild developmental disabilities to live independently. 

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