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Springboard Landings is currently in the early stages of development and eagerly anticipates what lies ahead. It is so exciting to watch our vision come to life! We have obtained the appropriate zoning thanks to our excellent civil engineer and councilwoman. Our architect team is working hard to develop something unique, beautiful, and functional. 

Building Our Flagship Home

Development Progress

Timeline &  Funding Progress

  • Under contract on Land: 10/06/2022

  • Secured architect Roy Garcia with Goodwyn Mills Cawood: 10/24/22

  • Secured Civil Engineer Ryan Lovelace with Civil Site Design Group: 10/28/2022

  • Rezoned Property: 7/18/23

  • Closed on Land: 7/13/23

  • Partnered with Nelson Community Partners: 3/18/24

  • Break Ground: TBD

  • Open Doors: TBD

This $8M project is 30% funded and getting closer every day! 

The Team Making it Happen

Corporate Supporters


You Can Help Build a Home with Heart

Give today or find other ways you can help raise funds to empower adults with mild developmental disabilities to live independently. 

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